He breaks my heart


It’s been 6 months I’m here. I met more than dozen guy from the dating site, kissing 9 guys and had sex with some of them (for 5 months, wow >_< ). So far, I found ONLY TWO decent guy! Who didn’t have the intention of having sex with me.

Two weeks after dated a decent British guy for six weeks, which ended up with no sparks between us, I decided to meet another British guy. He wrote an interesting profile on his page, and we had an interesting conversation (at least for me). One day he asked me to go visit painting exhibition In the British Museum. I agreed and so we met.

We met at Tottenham court station and went to the Pub near The Museum. He was a good listener, he didn’t talk much, yet he quite open about his life to me. We could get a long so far. He’s a very intelligent guy, we spoke in the same frequency and I could get along with him.

As we finished seeing the paintings, we walked and talked. We had a nice conversation and suddenly he kissed me in the middle of the street. It was a very good kiss, I like it, and I thought he was professional at kissing! Time showed 10 pm, he offered to walk me home. We stopped a moment in Hyde Park. We sat on the branch and made out there. It was dark, lucky us the sky was clear and we could see the stars above. We continued to talk and I savoured our conversation a lot.

The day after he texted me, he said he missed me. I was overwhelmed as I like him a lot. He also told me many nice things. He invited me to his flat.

I went to see him on the next day. He picked me at the station and we started to make out once we reached his flat. We were making love all night and those were the best sex I have ever had! We made a plan to go to the beach at the Weekend.

I went to see him again on Saturday, he cooked delicious Lasagna, and he made it from the scratch. We, uhm, at least me, had another beautiful sex that night. One thing that sums up my admiration to him. We went to the beach in the countryside on Sunday. The train was horrible that day, as it was Summer and sunny, 34 degrees, many people went outside London and enjoying the weather.

We went hiking in Seven Sisters, we stopped by to the local Pub. It was scorching hot and super sunny, and my bad, we sat outdoor. It took a long time for meals to come, we were waiting under the sun and I was burnt. The Asian girl who got burnt in England, very funny. After hiking, we hurried as we catch the train. However, he managed to give me a kiss on the hill as we spotted the sun set on the beach.

I met him again a week after, but I felt him less enthusiast. We still had a great sex that night, though I wasn’t sure that he still like me. A week after he needed to go out of London for a business trip, I reckoned he was busy so he didn’t text me at all. I tried to reach him but he didn’t respond. Once he caught London, I texted him, but it wasn’t as I expected. It was a tortured week for me, two weeks without any conversation with him. I tried to contact him for the last time, this time, no response at all from him. I gave up. And now here I am, feel insecure with the pieces of my broken heart.

I suspected I freaked him out because I was too excited when I  was with him. I told him I like him a lot, however, he just said that I was infatuated with him.  Actually, I didn’t expect anything from him. It just being around him made me so happy, and his thoughts enriched me. I stopped trying to reach him as I know it must be annoyed him a lot.

It was my two-weeks-stand experience. You can’t expect anything from a guy from the dating site. But meeting him was a silver lining for me as probably one day I’ll meet another better guy that has same frequency with me.

Unusual Monday Night

London is amazingly strange yet lovely city. Last night I impulsively went clubbing with my friend. She texted me that she felt sad and needed something to distract her mind.
I usually spend my night under my duvet, watching some films or binge-watching tv series rather than go out. However, this time I kind of feel, why not, because I can get along with her so it won’t feel awkward.

I asked her to go clubbing.

We met at Piccadilly Circus station, we hadn’t decided which club we wanted to go. I told her just pick a random club and she was okay with that. So there were we, two attractive young chicks wandered around London. Once we out from the tube station, a (quite) cute guy went to us. He asked for my number. That’s strange and creepy, however, I decided to give him my number. He’s American, speak English and cute, so, why not 🙂

We went to the wrong direction, I supposed to take her to Leicester Square area, yet I brought her to the opposite side. In the middle of the street, a club promoter from TigerTiger reached us, and so we went to TigerTiger.

We paid £5 for the entrance fee and a free vodka shot. They also have a special price for the drink for the student, £3 for single shot spirits, £4.5 for a double shot, and £2 for a bottle of (cheap) beer – good price, wasn’t it?

It was a nice club, mostly they played pop/R&B-electro song. They played early 2000 top 40 music such as Usher, Nelly, etc, all the singer that accompany me grew up. Fair enough, as the visitor mostly on my age. And what I like from this club is the visitor mostly are white, and a lot of white and good-looking guy in their smart outfit, and they were well-behaved! I reckon they just got back from the office. However, there weren’t many people there, also my friend kind of didn’t enjoy it as the music that they played mostly before her age – she’s 20 years old, a teenager!

I asked her if she wanted to move to other club and she said yes. So, I brought her to Zoo, a happening club near Leicester Square tube station. We paid £5 each for the entrance fee. As usual, it was crowded. I also like this club as they played EDM-top40-electro-pop, with a high tempo, well, I like it. The downside of this place is too touristy, most of the visitor is foreign people (as me and my friend – haha). You hardly found authentic British guy here :/

The positive is, many guys approached you. Somehow, since the British guys are so polite and well-mannered, only little of them who makes first move. One of my friends says that they are respecting girls and don’t want to invade your personal space and privacy. That’s why I always failed to get the British guy, as I am a typical Asian girl. We are too shy to make the initial maneuver, and always waiting for a guy.

After dancing for around 3 hours, we decided to go home. Actually, I didn’t really fancy going home, I was thinking about staying in McDonald since if I gone home, people at home must be wondered what the hell did I do in the Monday Night, I just didn’t want them to find out that I like to party as well.

Two (East-Asian-looking) guys came to us and asked us how to get Camden Town. So cheesy – huh? I told them how can they couldn’t find it on google maps, d’oh!

One of the guys was interesting, though. He spoke a lot and he was quite clever. Why don’t give him a shot, I thought, as I was too lazy to go home. They both also very nice, the other guy asked to take my friend to the bus stop, and I decided to walk and talk with this guy. He has same age with me, and we walk and talk about many things. He told me about his life and I suspected he was a little tipsy.

After talked around half an hour he kissed me. It was not bad kiss, only I didn’t like his kissing style. He offered me to stay in his place this morning. I said yes, and I told him that I’m on my period! He said don’t worry, we didn’t need to have sex. So, he ordered Uber and we went to his flat. He’s nice and gentle Kazakh guy, he has good shape and talkative, though he was too naive to me :p He’s a DJ and he has been living here for 10 years.

Lucky him, when I checked there was no blood, I told him and so, we were making love. It was not bad, and I like him as he was doing a good thing with his finger. He also shared his small bed with me 🙂 One thing that makes me feel weird was, he’s obsessed with my big bum and feet, lol.

I woke up at quarter to eight and directly went to my class.

That was my first-time experience sleeping with a random guy that I met in the street.

Well, I also always slept with stranger previously, however, I met them in the Dating Site and always had conversations before, so it’s very new for me.

How was it feel sleeping with a totally random stranger? It was fun.

I got his number yet I’m not sure if I will meet him again.

As usual, London always surprises me.